A Letter to My Son

Dear Max,

Wow! You are 4 today! Where did time go? I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with you. I cried...a lot! Your dad and I were trying a little longer than usual for God to bless us with you, but when it happened I felt sad, scared and worried that we had gotten too used to just having your big sister, who at that point was pretty easy to manage. At that moment I felt incapable and unprepared to be a mom again...after so many years.

But now you are 4 and we couldn't be happier to have you in our lives. You came into this world as one of my best labors to date and the minute I saw your face I immediately knew I wanted another baby! Funny how that happens, I was totally convinced your sister would be my only child and you brought so much happiness into my world that I just knew you needed a younger sibling.

Max, you are a hoot! Every day you surprise us with your humor, your strong will and your loving and compassionate ways. You are a light to our days. Your daddy and I just can't get enough of you! It makes me sad to think you wont have a little brother to play ball with or grow up doing boy things with...but I'm certain Eve will soon enough be your little buddy.

Max, the great...my prayers for you are that God speaks into your ear and guides you through this crazy life.  That you grow up knowing, loving and following Him and that you one day can be that wonderful example to your own kids. I pray you continue with all the wonderful characteristics that make you YOU, even when they make us totally crazy! I would not change one single thing about you.

I hope the result of your Batman Lego obsession will be that you've built crazy skyscrapers in Gotham or fight bad guys for a living. I hope you continue to be so passionate about spending time with your older sister the minute she walks into the door and that you have the all or nothing personality like your mama when you grow up.

Your tenacity and genuine personality is what I love the most about you! You tell it how you mean it, and allow no one to sway your ideas in another direction. Keep that up.

I am proud of you for the little boy you are and the man I know one day you'll be. I just feel it in my bones that you will do great things in life. I have always felt in awe of you even as a baby...you just have that "vibe" about you!

I love you to pieces and I love that today out of any day in the whole wide world, the eve of your 4th birthday, you said to me, "I love you mommy, you are my girl!" Words you have never spoken and said with so much love, my overly sappy momself melted in a puddle of love for you right then and there!

Happiest of Birthdays Max. The definition of your name: greatness could not be more true for you.

You are my sunshine.

July 26, 2016 by Marcy Budwick

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