Faith, Fitness, and Fashion

This week, we got a ton of love from our Faith and Fitness challenge! It's amazing how God is working in this group. Nudging women from Canada to New York and even all the way in beautiful Alaska and California!  

It's been an honor to start this adventure alongside all the women who have taken a step in faith and are on a mission to propel their #faithandfitness in this challenge! I know this will become the catalyst for amazing things to come for a lot of you.

On the fashion front, we introduced two new styles: Julie and Adriana. Both styles continue to follow in our philosophy of style that does not compromise comfort.  

I'm a firm believer that when we feel good in our clothes it shows. Fit is at the forefront of this methodology and you know how passionate I am about that. There is a huge number of women who wear the wrong fit and we have found that the ability for them to customize their KD clothes is helping eliminate the problem.

 We also introduced Limited Edition FriYays!! This will only be done on Fridays and it is where we introduce a print that will only be made into 7 pairs of pants. Ever! The print we introduced at our inaugural L.E.F sold out in less than two hours!!  Can't wait to show you next week's print!

Some are you are still heading out on vacation, and we still want to see your #kdtravel pictures so make sure you share with us your summer adventures! 

Thank you so much for your business and for being such KD advocates!

Now tell me, who is ready for back to school?  When do your kids go back?

BE Blessed!



August 07, 2016 by Marcy Budwick

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