February is right around the corner...

How is it going? Wanted to check in on you - you know because it's almost the end of January and we made a little commitment to ourselves just a few short weeks ago. ;)

So...how'd you do? Did you have those "I nailed it days" and those "I totally walked out the door in my PJ days" ( because you know I did) and did you survive it all feeling empowered and equipped to tackle the next task by building off the first? I sure hope so.

January's intention was about showing up, but we are just a day away from February and we want to continue our momentum for making 2019 our best year yet! You see, you're never, ever, EVER going to regret showing up for yourself...and to be honest, making excuses as to why you shouldn't do things for yourself is sooo 2018! Girl, we are here to create an impact and leave an incredible legacy, and that starts with YOU!

So tell me something, are you excited for February? Even if January wasn't perfect - because we are keeping it all the way real over here and we are following the motto: done is better than perfect every single time (you can go tweet that if you'd like :) ). And if you are striving for perfection I'll be seeing you in the same exact spot next year, seriously! Girl, perfection is lame. I strongly believe that "perfection" is FEAR wrapped in a pretty little package. It makes us "look" better when we call ourselves perfectionist instead of saying we are scared shitless - am I right?

So let's get pumped for February because it's coming no matter what - so let's look to it with anticipation and expect that God is already working amazing things for our good!



January 30, 2019 by Marcy Budwick

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