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It's Time for CryFest 2017!

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Have you ever had days where you just want to cry? You know, the days where the lump in your throat is there – all. day. long!

Those days where you question the why, the how, your every step?

Today is one of those days! But you see I wont allow the tears to flow. When I’m certain that when I allow the ugly ass cry to happen I’ll feel so much better.

I sent a text to my life coach – you’ve all heard me talk about her. The woman that has many times overheard me ugly cry on the other end of a phone very early in the morning.

I asked “reasons why I would be emotional today. Like I could cry at the drop of a hat?” Her response – like it ALWAYS is was comforting and reassuring and even “duuuude I feel the same way!” (ok Cynda does not say dude – but you know I have my own inner dialogue about how people would reply to me if they were actually speaking to me – marcyisms for sure).


Whoot Whoot You Are ALL Invited!!

I still haven’t cry. Why because I have no idea why I want to cry in the first place. Dumb, right? I’m the type that needs that reason. When in reality maybe you just need to freaking cry. It’s ok to want to cry and feel raw and feel a lump in your throat and just want to have a fun ugly cryfest party with yourself without having a reason.

So today ladies, I’m giving you ALL permission to not have a reason for the cry and just freaking do it already. Maybe you want to cry because life is so flipping good right now you just want to ugly cry about it….maybe life is such a flipping mess your kids are driving you crazy and you want to ugly cry about it – do it.

Point is – just do it. No explanation, no reason, no right time. The soul heals through tears.

Now, for me…I’m going to try and find space today to journal and reflect and cry. Because sometimes we just need to take our own flipping advice.

*And if you're in need of a Cynda in your know someone that will help you out of a pit when you don't see an end in sight...I would click the picture above. She has no idea I'm doing if she gets inundated with calls don't tell her I sent you :) !

I want to know, have you EVER had days like these? Reply to this email and let me know how you got through it!

~shine your light!

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