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Ya'll, I'm Spotlighting YOU! BIG THANKS!

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All mountains require BIG gratitude!

2 years ago I made it point to start my day with gratitude. Even on the hard days, even on the sleepless days, even on the days where I have had weeks of tears, where I'm walking into each day without knowing what is in front on me because things in life just feel so dang hard at that time.

Guess what - it has transformed me. I thank God for the hurts, and the hard, and the roadblocks and the mountain I am climbing or the disappointments and I allow Him to work through those days and try not to worry.

I live my days with blind faith. I get that this isn't common for everyone. I just asked God to give me super natural courage and He delivered. Because the faith I have in Him is truly one that I only wish we could all experience

I know that thanking Him for moments of massive confusion and unknown and sadness have allowed me to keep stepping into each day knowing that He is in the midst of every single thing that could happen in that very day. I am so grateful for that. Because no mountain we face in life could outshine His mercy and love.

Today I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU ALL! Some of you might be new here and don't exactly know what this whole Kaiya Designs thing is.

I started my business out of a hot garage in my house. It was a one woman sweatshop for sure :). I have had "friends" literally copy exactly what I was creating in my small business in the early days. I had those days where competition from people I trusted out weighed all the support I had showed them in life -- and even then that did not stop them. Even through those hurts and disspointments I climbed THAT mountain, and am a far better person because I did.


Thank YOU!

My first hire was my mom. She took the leap of faith and quit her job to come work for me. I thought her how to sew and to this day she is a far better sewer than me. There were moments early on where working together was difficult. We can now say we have both grown so much and have overcome THAT mountain in this journey.

In June of 2015 I hired Kym, she took a leap of faith on me and my business and often times believed in me more than I believed in myself. God put her in my life exactly when He knew I needed her and she has healed my heart from all the hurts I had experience in other friendships. She held my hadn't through that mountain. For that I am forever thankful for.

Shortly after Kym I had the honor to employ 7 other people. Every single one of them have helped me grow my business and it's been such a blessing to have had every single person working along side me. Because you have supported KD you have helped keep 6 people employed. For that I am very thankful.

You guys get the spotlight! Because my business has grown because of you! Because you take the time to tell people that stop you at Target, at dinner, at the mall and give them our information. Because you add people to this community and you believe in what we stand for! Thank you for coming to the studio and telling us your stories and sharing your stories with us. Thank you for posting pictures on here and taking us to some of the most amazing vacations. For making us part of some of the biggest celebrations of your lives - those pictures keep me going!

I am filled with gratitued for every single one of you. My dream is to keep putting Kaiya Designs in closets across Tampa Bay and beyond because these clothes are so much more than pants and dresses. They symblize community and love and friendship. It symbolizes confidence and a sisterhood of women that are lifting each other up. It symbolizes community over competition and it has the perfect Jesus bow wrapped around it. Because He is at the center of this company. We pray for you guys daily and we hope you guys feel them when you wear our stuff. Because we pour into every single item with heart and soul.

If you guys know of someone that needs the love and encouragement that we are so passionate about in our Facebook group be sure to forward this email to them and have them click the picture above to get in the group! We are sending all our NEW FB group friends a very cool "welcome gift" so just make sure they mention YOU when they ask to join!

Thank you from he bottom of my heart!

~shine your light

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