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Sizing Guide - "The Perfect Fit"

Kaiya Designs understand the importance of fit when it comes to clothing. In fact, we understand a woman's body.  For the last several years creator and designer Marcy Budwick has been designing custom clothes for women of all sizes and shapes. Through that time of talking with and working with women she has learned the mental value of an article of clothing that fits perfectly on a woman's body.  

Over a year ago Marcy collected all her clients' measurements, analyzed them and realized that she could create and design patterns that would fit a wider audience.  Today, Kaiya Designs offers small batch creations with options to have the hemlines, inseams and sleeve as well as shirts/blouse torso lengths to be customized to give her clients “the perfect fit.”

Please make sure you measure your body perfectly in order to ensure your garment will fit you properly.  Our suggestion is to pick up a measuring tape at your local grocery store and measure your body prior to selecting your size.  



Xsmall Small Medium Large
Bust 33 36 38 41
True Waist 26 28 31 34
High Hip 31 33 36 39
Hip 34 36 39 42


  Xsmall Small Medium Large
Chest 22 24 26 28
Waist 20 21 22 23
Inseam 20 22 24 27
Length 23 26 28 33

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