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Baby Gift Bundle

Baby Gift Bundle

Babies are sprouting everywhere. I find myself talking to people that know of someone who is pregnant or just had a baby. I have a few friends that are currently pregnant or just had a baby. The funny thing is that most of these NEW mommies are having boys. Hubs and I laugh that IF and when we FINALLY decide to have another, we'll end up with another girl (not that I would mind because I love having my girl) but with all the boys being born in our midst it would be our "luck" to have another girl :) Because baby showers appear to be happening weekly, requests for cute homemade items are coming in. My cousin just suggested I make her something for a friend's baby and coincidently I already had something in the works.

I'm really into owls right fact, my daughters room is decorated with owls so I figured sticking with an owl theme would be fun and current.

The bib is made with 100% cotton chenille on one side and sandwiched with multiple layers of high absorbant 100% birdseye cotton (one of the most absorbant cottons out there). The owl applique is designed with multiple cotton pieces meticulously pieced together to add to the uniqueness of the design. This bib is durable and double sided.

Cost: $18

The Burp Cloth is made of 100% organic birdseye cotton and an appliqued owl was stitched onto the top layer of accent fabric.

Cost: $8

The changing pad is made with 100% chenille cotton on one side and brown and blue minky fabric on the other. The pocket could be used to store your baby wipes and diapers and it fully folds and fastens with a botton to fit a diaper bag. There is also an owl applique who's pieces were cut out individually and then pieced onto the changing pad.

Cost: $35

Now for my favorite item...the lovey blanket. These blankets are great baby soothers. The idea is that the babies mom is to sleep with this blanket for a few days before the baby is born and then to give this blanket to the baby to sooth him/her (because the mom's scent is on it). This blanket has an owl head and owl wings pieced onto the actual blanket. All pieces and details were cut individually and stitched separately to add to the uniqueness of the piece.It is made with both brown and blue minky fabric and is sooooo soft, I would keep it for myself to sleep with on those nights my hubs is out of town :)


All fabrics have been washed with dye/scent free detergent and preshrunk to ensure the shape and design of all items.

I can also have the child's name embroidered at $3 per item.

I will offer a bundle price of $75 plus $5 for the whole set to be embroidered.

Please email if you are interested in any of these items individually or as a bundle. I will also be making girls sets and a unisex set for those mamas who want to be surprised :)

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