A To-Do List You'll Want to Start Applying!

I've realized my life has been a bit out of whack lately. When taking a deep assessment of why that could be I came to the realization I wasn't putting Jesus first in my mornings. Having a relatively "new" baby makes waking up before anyone else a little difficult considering night feedings have the tendency to rev-up my thoughts and I have a hard time going to sleep!  

During one of those late-night feedings I came across this awesome to-do list! I found it got me back into reading my Bible. Praying more often and give God the very first of my mornings!

(For more cool to-do list head on over to www.biblelovenotes.blogspot.com)

What do your mornings look like? I would love to hear about your routines.

Be Blessed!



October 09, 2016 by Marcy Budwick

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