I Broke All My Rules AND Still Learned From It!

You know when you know better but still do what you're not supposed to do?? Yeah, well I did that this week!

We are jamming through January with the intention of Just Showing Up!

Basically, it's starting with showing up for yourself first thing in the morning, getting dressed, and ready for your day the best version of YOU possible! Out of the jammies, yoga pants or workout clothes...fully dressed, with hair done and some make-up on that beautiful face of yours...that was until Thursday happened ;)

I broke every single one of those intentions above and showed up to work looking like this...

Friend, those are my full blown jammies! NO make-up, NO hair did, NO cute clothes to make me feel amazing and look the same. Thursday I slept wrong, woke up with a sore neck and back (second morning in a row), and honestly needed a little more time to get zooming in the morning. So what did I do? I popped on some Uggs made the kiddos b-fast and lunch and headed out the door to take the kids to school.

So here is the deal, Dan and I love driving them to school together. We Tony Robbin's them in the morning aka we motivate and practice our gratitude mornings and all that jazz - so I did not have to get out of the car to drop them off - Dan did that :) THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR THAT! I got to the studio and missed a client by a hair - as I pulled up she was pulling out of the store - THANK THE GOOD LORD FOR THAT! I stayed in my office just like this most of the day - (listen if I'm in the studio I'm doing creative stuff) all the businessie CEO stuff gets done at home...that is where I focus. But at the studio, I'm up creating and designing and pulling all the fun out of me! Not Thursday, nope, I stayed couped-up in my office because jammies are just not cute to wear around your peeps.

BUT... I did get up, and I did show up and I did get things done! HOWEVER, here is what I missed by not showing up FOR ME: no walking the kiddos into school and giving them the massive amount of kisses I like to shower them with before they're off to class. I hide in my office when clients came in because jammies are no-go business attire at all, I also did not get to stop at the store for my much needed non-dairy coffee creamer leaving me with lack-luster coffee this morning.

SO yeah, the bright side and where I show myself all kinds of grace is: I did get up take the kids to school, went to work and got things done! WHOOT ME!!

Here is the deal friend, life is about showing ourselves grace when we need it the most. Life is not about perfection, it's about progress. It's not about slipping off the wagon and giving up just because you slipped off. It's about having THAT day. The day you cannot show up your very best but you still showed up. It's NOT about getting into the habit of slipping off the wagon every single day and making excuses for why it happened. Today is a new day. Today I got up, dressed up, did my hair and make-up and stepping into Friday with the best foot forward.

I'm rooting you on over here!!! Send me an email (hello @ kaiyadesigns.com) and tell me how you're showing up for yourself today!! 


January 18, 2019 by Marcy Budwick

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