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Thank You and More New Fabrics!

Thank You and More New Fabrics!
We had another great week of studio visit - thank you to all the ladies that came out! We love spending some one-on-one time with our clients especially when they turn into friends!

We also had a blast at our first KD Meet Up!
We can't wait to announce the next one in October! Be on the lookout for the invite in the Facebook group!

We wanted to thank you for being so patient while we complete the maintenance to our website. We are trying to make things a little bit more customer friendly on there so if you're looking for a specific style and you do not see it listed under our SHOP dropdown menu on the homepage you can either search the product name or click the KD Limited tab.

Please remember that styles under our KD Limited tab will be heading out soon and will be making guest appearances throughout the year. So snag them while you can!

You have all been loving our NEW fabrics and they are selling FAAAST! We'd love to hear which one has been your favorite thus far!

We sent a ton of orders on Friday as a kick-off to this long weekend! Check your inbox for a shipping confirmation email or stalk the mailman whichever you prefer (lol).

We have also made our BIG announcement about our KD Rep program. This is a great opportunity to earn Kaiya Kash as well as some bonuses throughout the year! If you love KD and want to share in our love for giving back to the community plus building a team of KD insiders click the link provided to sign up. The first go-round is limited to a few Reps be sure to fill out the application before the date closes on 9/9/16.

Have a great weekend and hopefully the sun will peak its head out at some point!

Thanks so much for your support and continuing to #standoutforchange.

BE Blessed!



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Studio Days and Winner!

Studio Days and Winner!

Everyone needs a perfect jean jacket in their closet!

Everyone needs a perfect jean jacket in their closet!

Thank Yous & Some 411


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